Our Service

Private label, our complete branding service :

If you would like to penetrate your domestic markets using your very own private label brand or your very own packages please contact us with your requirements.
We will then draw up an individual offer and we are happy to help you developing your individual packaging and labels.
We offer our in-house designer that will use your inquiries information you provide to create your private labels, i.e. featuring your company name, logo, contact details, color scheme and unique concept If you request.
Please note: (we do not charge any fees for this private label services.)

We respond to every individual need in a flexible way: depending on the kind of bottles, jar our minimum circulation starts at a few hundred pieces.
In our production also bottle forms, miniatures as well as highly processed containers and fasteners are used and processed in a very professional and careful way.
If you would like more information about our private label service or any of our natural organic oils, please contact us.

» Packaging

Kiod Argan Bottles

• Boston round glass bottles :
- 120ml/100ml/50ml/60ml/30ml/15ml/5ml.
- With spray and dropper cap closure.

• Amber glass bottles with pipettes :
- 100 ml (~ 3.38 fl. oz.)
- 50 ml (~ 1.69 fl. oz.)
with white and black pipette and spray cap closure

» The road to your own product
the contract bottling allows us to bottle oils and oil production specifically to customer requirements. Offering this service to our customers means we can ensure that oil and others products quality is maintained throughout the production cycle, ensuring the delivery of oils to the end user with optimal efficacy.

» Our standard labels
Our bottle labels are made of PE, respectively PP foil and are therefore tear- and smear-proof as well as moisture-resistant. After all, those labels are supposed to show all information clearly and easily recognizable even after long-term use.

» No labeled bottles
In order to label bottles yourself, it is also possible to purchase unlabeled bottles.

» Labels for international customers
Moreover, we can provide for your bottles additional labels in English, Arabic, French or another language containing the most important information about the product according to your regional standard requirement. For these additional labels no further surcharge will apply.

Amazon warehouse shipping:
We can forward your goods directly to Amazon warehouses.
We have all documents required and exports experience.

Our order process is simple and very straight forward :

Order process Kiod Argan