What make Kiod Argan Sarl Different

Kiod Argan Sarl Mission

Since 2012 Kiod Argan Sarl has been growing a culture planted on a natural set of values and beliefs. It comes down to one unified mission to create organic personal care solutions that work naturally.

Kiod Argan Sarl are producer & sellers of the world's finest natural organic organic oil, including but not limited to others organic essential oils, cactus oils, ghassoul clays, toners, and others Moroccan traditional cosmetics products .

Our Agadir showroom is located at Lot 3342, 3ème Etage No 6 Hay Mohammadi - 80060 - Agadir - Morocco. Kiod Argan Sarl has partnered with few best business partners who directly import them from all over the world, including Malaysia, UAE, Sweden, Hungary.

Kiod Argan Sarl natural organic essential oils are 100% pure with no diluents or additives. We provide high quality organic and/or 100% natural cosmetic products to the public at very competitive prices, with an emphasis on the pure aesthetics and freshness. We have always put an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical, responsible manner, clear, and ecological way.

All Of Our Products Are Proudly Made In The Kingdom Of Morocco, we work diligently to combine natural and organic ingredients into best premium quality, scientifically proven products. We are confident in providing you with the highest quality products.


Quality Matters Is Our Standard

Each of our products is manufactured with the highest standards. We only use the ingredients that you want and pay for without unneeded fillers and dilutions.

Been Certified

Once we find an organic ingredient and verify the certifications, we stand behind it with our Kiod Argan Sarl Seal. This mark of approval shows our commitment to quality control and our increasing efforts to bringing the best natural organic cosmetic products into your daily routine.

Environment Concern

Our paper inserts, brochures, cartons, bags, and shipping boxes are made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials using sustainable manufacturing processes. We buy misprinted corrugated boxes that are being discarded by manufacturers.

Our Support

Kiod Argan Sarl ingredients are naturally sustainably grown, raised with respect for the local women who produce them and benefit from it to support the local economy.