Argan Oil extraction procedure and steps, the modern way

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After pressing, filled argan oil in the decanter. Because of argan oil is so cloudy in the beginning. After a rest period of about 2 weeks falls down residues in the vessels so that the oil is taking shape and becoming more transparent.

First decanted oil to ensure a clearly improved quality, since the oil is filtered three times. After this procedure is decanted again argan oil in a vessel.

Then filled brown glass bottles with Argan Oil and labeled.

Attention and care that goes along with providing a premium brand can not be compromised for the benefit of cost savings and speculation. Brown, blue green glass bottles provide the best protection from light sources that could damage oil sensitive nature. Transparent plastic bottles may be easier to transport and handle, but the harmful exposure to plastics and harmful light can contaminate the product, leaving it ineffective.

Packaging must not only be attractive to our target audience, but it must also be functional for the transport and storage of the product, our argan oil packs user-friendly and convenient for our customers.


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