Production of Argan Oil

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When it comes to harvest the argan fruit in Argan forest so it is not permissible either to climb in the trees or the use of machines that shake the trees. The reason is that if one were to use mechanical shaking would cause great harm to the dry and brittle branches.

During this time, any bait in the Argan forest is not allowed and the Berbers waiting patiently on Argan fruits fall off the trees themselves. They collect them by hand and put them scattered on their roofs made of clay to air dry. This practice ensures that the fruits can be stored for several years and on request used Argan oil extraction.

The extraction of argan oil:

The women in the house where they live is collected once a month in their spare time to produce the valuable Argan oil in a lot through working procedure.

1 liter of pure argan oil requires about 1,8-2kg fruit and hours of hard work.

Scale Argan fruit:

The outer fruit around the argan nut is removed and used as fodder for livestock during the dry season. When separating the pulp and almonds used to knock stone to lay off the light brown almond kernel for further processing.

Stone Knock:

Unusual skills necessary to unite strength and sure instinct in a single blow. Argan nut must be turned with precision in its sustur so that the nut open. Argan nut is fifteen times harder than a hazelnut.


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